Search for Aircraft Pictures and stories in the Database

Click on the down arrow to see the list of aircraft for which the database has at least one picture and a story.

To see one or more pictures and stories for an aircraft, click on its number and then click on the Search button.

You may also enter the aircraft number in the entry blank at the bottom of this column and then click on the Search button below the entry blank.

Super Sabre serial numbers use the format ##-####. For example, serial numbers such as 53-1733 and 55-2796 are appropriate entries.

If you only know a partial serial number, enter the part you remember. For example, the search entry 54- will produce a listing of all aircraft whose serial numbers begin with 54- , i.e., 54-1144, 54-1830, 54-1926, and so on.

The search entry 54 will yield all aircraft with serial numbers that include 54 anywhere in the serial number; therefore, serial numbers such as 52-5754, 53-1544, and 54-1144 will be included.

If you make no entries and just click on the Search button, you will see the entire list of available aircraft.

Please note: Always click on "Reset" before doing a search

Enter the aircraft number: