Contribution Search by Contributor
List of Current Contributors

Click on the down arrow to see the list of contributors stored in the database.

To see the contributions made by a contributor, click on name and then click on the Search button.

You may also search for a contributor by using the last and first name entry blanks at the bottom of this column.

Enter the last name and the first name, or just the last name, or just the first name. If you make no entries and just click on the Search button below the last and first name entry blanks, you will see the entire list of contributors.

Even a partial entry can generate results. For example, if you type Rob in the Last Name blank, you will generate a list of all contributors who have a last name that includes the letter sequence Rob, such as Croba, or Roberts, or Robinson.

The name search is not case sensitive. For example, you will get the same results whether you type ROB, Rob, or rob.
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